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Know About INDIA POTATO Market Rate App

We are India's largest potato market rate SMS & APP service network since 2012. It's an initiative of West Bengal Potato Traders Association, formerly known as Paschimbanga Pragatishil Alu Byabsayee Samiti (PBPABS).

  • PBPABS established in1996 with a view to support potato traders in the field of business operations, potato production details and guide the members for best practice of scientific business. Now PBPABS is the largest Potato Traders Association in India with 12000+ members.
  • Paschimbanga Pragatishil Alu Byabsayee Samiti tries to understand the needs of Members, exchange the latest information of our industry, Potato production, storage, market rates, and marketing details. Activities like conferences and expos act as a base for close interactions between buyers and sellers thus acting as a catalyst for the potato trading in West Bengal.
  • PBPABS also maintains contact with the government authorities like Agriculture Marketing Department - Govt of West Bengal, various State Government Departments, to understand prospects of the potato industry and for submission of our members' problems and difficulties.
  • PBPABS started digital service like Mobile SMS to provide market rates, loading and unloading reports to the members in 2012. And launched a Mobile App in 2019.

The digital service has been the only reliable source of information on potato market prices and loading and unloading reports for 9 long years. Currently the largest potato market rate SMS / notification service network in India. The service has been ensuring the prosperity of thousands of farmers & traders since 2012 by making them aware of past market risks and current price trends.