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Leading Digital Platform for Potato Farmers, Traders in India

The digital service has been the only reliable source of information on potato market prices and loading and unloading report for 9 long years. Currently the largest potato market rate SMS / notification service network in India. The service has been ensuring the prosperity of thousands of farmers & traders since 2012 by making them aware of past market risks and current price trends.

Features :

  • Daily market rate of West Bengal.
  • Daily market rate of Uttar Pradesh.
  • Daily all India market rate.
  • Historical data of market rates.
  • District-wise loading unloading report.
  • Historical data of loading unloading report. And,
  • All other updates from West Bengal Potato Traders Association.
  • Any informative notification for subscribers

Benefits :

  • The market price published in SMS & APP is considered as a standard market price.
  • Eliminates market price doubts between buyers and sellers.
  • Maintains stability in the market and reduces the tendency of prices to fall or rise suddenly.
  • Loading Unloading data gives a clear idea about the nature of market movement.
  • Looking at last year's price fluctuations and loading and unloading data can predict tomorrow's market price.